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About the 2018 competition

AcuuWeather and the Royal Meteorological Society are looking for the best photographs from around the world that depict weather in its widest sense.

This could range from weather phenomena such as clouds, lightning, rain, fog and wind through to the impact of weather on man, cities and the natural landscape.

We're looking for stunning images that might be dramatic in what they depict or because of the story they tell about the impact of weather. 

Entries close at 12 noon on Tuesday, 5 June 2018. 

There are two categories for the competition; 17 years and over, and 16 years and under. 1st, 2nd and 3rd  place will be awarded in both age categories, as well ‘The Public’s Favourite’ and the overall Weather Photographer of the Year 2018. The winners will be announced in Autumn 2018.

In addition to our sponsor AccuWeather, the competiton is also supported by Olympus and Epson.

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