About The RMetS

The Royal Meteorological Society is the Professional and Learned Society for Weather and Climate.

The Society serves not only those in academia and professional meteorologists, but also those whose work is affected in some way or other by the weather or climate, or simply have a general interest in the weather.  The membership includes scientists, practitioners and a broad range of weather enthusiasts. The RMetS mission statement is ‘to promote meteorology as a science, profession and interest.’

The Society was established on 3 April 1850 as 'The British Meteorological Society', and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1866, when its name was changed to "The Meteorological Society".  The privilege of adding 'Royal' to the title was granted by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1883.  Amalgamation with the Scottish Meteorological Society took place in 1921.  The Patron of the Society is HRH The Prince of Wales.

We administer the national qualifications of the profession and under our Royal Charter pursue our purpose of the advancement of meteorological science.  As meteorological science has developed it has come to include not just the science of weather and climate itself, but the application of this to disciplines such as agriculture, aviation, hydrology, marine transport and oceanography, as well as the impacts of climate change and the interaction between the atmosphere and the oceans.

The programmes of the Society are broad and diverse. The Society publishes seven international science journals offering a range of subscription and Open Access journals.  Our programme of conferences and meetings bring together scientists and students, operational and amateur meteorologists, and industry from across the international community. We have an active education programme for teachers and children at both primary and secondary schools and promote continuing professional development from those in their first job to the most senior professionals.  The Society also provides support to the media and is actively involved in the Government policy development on areas around weather and climate change.

For more information about RMetS visit www.rmets.org