We have a great group of selectors lined up to review all the entries and to choose the winners.


Paul Kingston has been an Editorial Photographer for North News and Pictures providing images to the national and international media since 2002. Based in the North East of England, Paul is renowned for capturing breathtaking weather images which are regularly seen across the the national newspapers of Britain with him shortlisted as The Guardian World Photographer of the Year 2014 and most recently in 2016 saw him voted 'The Public's Favourite' in the Royal Meteorological Society Weather Photographer 2016 and shortlisted in 2017.


Matt Clark is photo editor of the RMetS Weather magazine. he joined the UK Met Office in November 2005 and has a particular research interest in to UK convective phenomena such as tornados and thunderstorms. 


Professor Liz Bentley is Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society. She says: "I was born in Yorkshire and I’m sure my upbringing on top of the Pennines, where the weather can be a little more extreme, is one the main reasons why I became so fascinated by the weather."


Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS is Chief Executive of The Royal Photographic Society. As a lover of mountains, walking and hiking he's experienced all sorts of weather; and as a photographer he's looking for some great images to remind him of those experiences. He says: "I am looking for images that evoke a sense of what it was like to be experiencing the weather when the picture was taken. It's not always easy: weather can be gentle, violent or simply persistent and atmospheric and these can all be winners".


Adrian Theze is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. His photographs have been published widely including National Geographic.  Adrian's spent quite a bit of time in Iceland, reveling in the extreme winter conditions that have inspired his photography. Battling near hurricane force winds and extreme windchill, he took the photograph that won him first place in the Weather Photographer of the Year competition 2017.  A blizzard was approaching from the ocean and within minutes of pressing the shutter and getting the shot, it was complete whiteout.


Trish Mikita, Vice President, Digital Media Strategy for AccuWeather, works across all parts of the organization to lead the development and direction of AccuWeather’s digital media products, which reach over 1.5 billion people worldwide every day through smart phones, tablets, wired and mobile internet sites, and other media outlets. She uses her background as a professional meteorologist to ensure that the company’s products communicate weather information and its global impact clearly and effectively, so people can plan their lives, protect their business, and get more from their day. “The best photographs can so vividly capture both the grand majesty of weather events and their effect on how human beings go about their lives,” she says. “I’m honored to be a selector in this year’s competition, and I’m extremely excited to see the images that people from around the world are submitting.”