Fogbow, Rannoch Moor, Scotland

By Melvin Nicholson LRPS

I was so incredibly fortunate to be able to capture this rare white rainbow (otherwise known as a fogbow) last November in the wilderness of Rannoch Moor in Scotland. The lone tree, the freshly fallen snow, the undulation of the terrain and the fogbow itself combines to make this one of my favourite images that I have taken to date. A magical moment that will stay with me forever.

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Carlo Collodi 16.07.17

I'm confused Melvin. How is it that this is the same image as Scott Robertson's? Can you maybe provide an explanation of that?

Melvin Nicholson LRPS 16.07.17

Hi Carlo. Scott and I were shooting together when the fogbow arrived. Scott pointed it out to us (there were four photographers present including Scott). On seeing the fogbow I moved around into a position to capture the photo you see. Scott, Sharon and Gary came over a few minutes later to join me and they then took their own versions of it. I moved my tripod out of the way so that Scott could shoot from the same vantage point. Hope that explains things ok for you Carlo.

Loretta Pedersen 14.07.17

One of the most incredible photos ever!

Melvin Nicholson LRPS 14.07.17

Thank you very much for saying Loretta. Once seen, never forgotten. M x

Mark Mckie 14.07.17

Great shot

Melvin Nicholson LRPS 14.07.17

Thank you Mark. Luck certainly played its part on that day for sure. M