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Sprite Lightning

By Ben Cherry

Taken while trying to photograph the milkyway and a pulsing lightning storm for off the coast of Costa Rica on the Pacific side. Midway through the 30 second exposure this shaft of light launched up into the atmosphere, this is called a sprite strike. It was the only one I saw and it was a very special experience.

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Cyrill Steiger 11.09.16

Hello Ben. Fantastic Picture and so rare !!!! Incredible shot !!! Congratulations !!! But it is not a "sprite" (red sprite). This kind of TLE calls "blue jet", even when this phenomenon goes further up in youir Picture in a light red dispersive line. A freind of mine is a woldwide specialist for TLEs and I will send him this Foto. Hi will be really surprised. Thank you and good chance for winning the cometition.

Aaron Howard 11.08.16

I've recently been shooting some milkyway images over in Greece attempting to build a video time-lapse. I've spent hours and hours doing this over multiple nights. To capture a pulsing lightning storm and not have the image over expose is incredibly rare. The chances are incredibly slim for this type of shot to be captured so beautifully again so that's why I've voted for this image. Superb work, would of loved to of been there when the photographer reviewed the shot.